Our Story

From a London House party to love at "second sight" in Dublin.

We started out on opposite sides of the world and via Country NSW, Torquay, London, Dublin and Melbourne we've settled our young family of two girls in Torquay, on the beautiful Surf Coast of Victoria, for a coastal upbringing with freedom to roam.

Damien is a Carpenter and I am a Marketeer and Leÿer is the product of the pursuit of our dreams.

We both love what we do.

We hope our furniture brings you the same fulfilment to finishing a room in your home as it does to us in completing each piece with love and care for our customers to enjoy. 

Contact us anytime on hello@leyer.com.au and follow us on instagram https://www.instagram.com/leyer_td

Damo & Bec Leÿer