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 We are Leÿer, a design studio in Torquay run by myself and my husband Damien.

Our second name Leijer is of Dutch heritage. Pronounced Layer - “Leyer’’ has been used in business by our family for generations as a means of anglicising the pronunciation!

We’ve come from opposite sides of the world and, via London, we somehow found each other, Damien raised Country NSW moving to the Surf coast in his teens & me from Dublin, Ireland.

In 2015, we moved back to Torquay from Melbourne for the benefit of our two daughters, Millie & Elle. Growing up on the coast is the type of lifestyle we decided we wanted to provide for them.

Along our journey together we’ve developed an unwavering passion for Australian contemporary design and with an almost identical aesthetic with interiors.

Our personal project, Felix, is our family home and it completely encapsulates everything that we are and that we love, its our brand, our creativity combined and the results of a dream collaboration.

We work together on all our projects and with our combined skills believe we provide something very unique to our clients. Damien has over 15 years experience in the building industry, is a qualified carpenter by trade and knows a thing or two about detail. We don't believe you have to go over the top with a variety of expensive materials & textures to create a beautiful space. There is so much value to be found in simply refining your finishes with neat little details as a way to achieve a great outcome.

We truly love what we do.

Rebecca & Damien Leijer xx